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Succimer99% Synthetic white powder Succimer is a newly available oral chelator of lead and other heavy metals. The compound is indicated for the treatment of lead poisoning in children. Succimer does not bind iron, calcium or magnesium and preferentially binds lead, mercury and arsenic over copper

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Product Name:Succimer

Quality standard: National standard

Specification: 99%

Test method:HPLC

CAS NO: 304-55-2

Appearance: White powder

Storage method: The product should be sealed and stored in a cool and dry place.

Shelf life: 24 months

Source of extraction: Synthetic

Package specification: 1kg / aluminum foil bag, 25kg/Drum or as required by customers

Product introduction:Soluble in water, and ethanol (25 mg/ml, results in colorless to light yellow, clear)

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  • Detection of Dimercaptosuccinic acid

    Dimercaptosuccinic acid
    Molecular formula  C4H6O4S2   Molecular weight 182.22

    Property: White Powder, garlic smel, it slightly soluble in methanol or ethanol, can not soluble in water.


    1) Take 0.2g of this product and add 2ml of water and sodium bicarbonate test solution to dissolve it and make it neutral. Add 1ml of lead acetate test solution to produce light yellow precipitation.

    1. Take about 0.2g of this product, add 2ml of water and sodium hydroxide test solution for proper use, dissolve and show alkaline, and then add nitrosodium ferricyanide test solution, that is, show purple red.
    2. The infrared absorption spectrum of this product should be consistent with the control spectrum.Checking  Acidity Take 1.0g of this product, add 20ml of water to make suspension, determine according to law, pH value should be 2.5-3.0Loss on dry    Take the product and dry it to constant weight at 105 ℃. The weight loss should not exceed 0.1%.Residue on ignition  Take 1.0g of this product and check it according to law. The residue should not exceed 0.1%Heavy metal   Take the remaining residue under the burning residue, and check according to law,  the metal content shall not exceed 10 parts per million.Purity determination   Take this product is about 0.05 g, precision said, with a plug in the conical flask, and anhydrous ethanol 30 ml dissolved, add 2 ml dilute nitric acid, precision and silver nitrate titration, the powerful jolt, the water bath for 2-3 minutes to heat, cold, filtration, washing with water cone and the precipitation not silver ion reaction to the lotion, merge the filtrate with lotion, with 2 ml of nitric acid and ammonium ferric sulfate indicating liquid 2 ml, with ammonium thiocyanate titration fluid (0.1 mol/L) titration, and use the result of the titration blank test correction,Each 1 mL of silver nitrate titration solution (0.1mol/L) corresponds to 4.556 American C4H6O4S2


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