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  • Naringenin 98%

    Naringenin 98%

    Naringenin is a bitter, colorless flavanone, a type of flavonoid. It is the predominant flavanone in grapefruit, and is found in a variety of fruits and herbs. Naringenin has the skeleton structure of a flavanone with three hydroxy groups at the 4',5, and 7 carbons.
  • Cytisine 98% HPLC

    Cytisine 98% HPLC

    Cytisine, also known as baptitoxine and sophorine. It can reduce and eliminate the smokers dependence on nicotine to achieve the purpose of smoking cessation. With a respiratory stimulant and booster effects on the cerebral circulation. With the function of pharmacological.
  • pumpkin seed extract Powder20:1

    pumpkin seed extract Powder20:1

    pumpkin seed extract Powder 20:1 TLC Pumpkin Seeds are also a balanced source of good proteins. They are very nourishing and energizing. Pumpkin Seeds, being high in zinc content, aids the healing process, and is useful in treating an enlarged prostate gland.
  • Rhizoma Drynariae Extract

    Rhizoma Drynariae Extract

    Drynaria is a family of brassica boniformis,a genus of epiphytic ferns with a plant height of up to 40 cm. It used for Anti-oxidation,lowering blood pressure,cholesterol-lowering.The protection of the liver,enhance immunity. Prevention and treatment of cerebral ischemia.


    Rhizoma Kaempferia Galanga Extract is a natural flavonol, a type of flavonoid, found in a variety of plants and plant-derived foods. Kaempferol is a yellow crystalline solid with a melting point of 276–278°C (529–532°F)

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