• Luteolin


    luteolin is slightly soluble in water, weakly acidic, soluble in alkaline solution, stable under normal conditions.
  • Ferulic Acid

    Ferulic Acid

    Ferulic acid is one of the derivatives of cinnamic acid (also known as cinnamic acid, 3-phenyl-2-acrylic acid, molecular structure). Ferulic acid was originally found in the seeds and leaves of plants. Ferulic acid is a phenolic acid widely found in plants. It combines with polysaccharides and prote
  • Genistein


    Quality standard: National Standard
  • Epimedium extract

    Epimedium extract

    [Product name] Epimedium [shelf life] 24 month [common name]Epimedium Extract [plant synonym] Epimedium [active ingredient] Icariin
  • Apigenin


    Apigenin has diuretic, blood pressure regulating, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and other functions
  • Cytisine


    We specialize in the manufacture of Natural Cytisine Extract. To be productive, we maintain an attitude of excellence.
  • Gentiopicroside


    gentiopicroside is a kind of white crystal powder, which is easy to dissolve in methanol and almost insoluble in ether.
  • Indirubin


    This product is an effective component of anti leukemia, which is isolated from the dried leaves of Isatis indigotica Fort, a cruciferous plant. It is a pair of indole anti-tumor drugs.
  • Rhizoma Drynariae Extract

    Rhizoma Drynariae Extract

    chemical properties of Rhizoma Drynaria fortunei (Kunze) The main active substance is naringin, In addition, it contains a variety of chemical substances, such as methyl eugenol, protocatechuic acid, new beimeishengcao glucoside, osteoclast dihydroflavonoid glucoside, cycloxylosterol acetate,
  • Rutin


    helping to tighten and strengthen skin capillaries, and as such it could help prevent a couperose condition. It also demonstrates anti-oxidant properties. it has anti-inflammatory effects,it can keep the vascular resistance,reduce its permeability,reduce the brittlement,dispelling lipids from the fa
  • Salicin


    salicin is a pure natural active substance extracted from the branches or bark of Salix babylonica L. through modern extraction process.
  • Senna Leaf Extract

    Senna Leaf Extract

    Senna is a natural herb whose leaves come from the Cassia senna plant. Senna leaves are often sold as part of detox teas because they have a powerful laxative effect and can help relieve constipation, which affects 16 to 33 percent of adults. Although the FDA has approved senna as a short-term......
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