Plant Extract

In the extraction of natural active ingredients, it is often necessary to extract the roots, stems and leaves of natural plants with the extraction device, so that the active ingredients in the roots, stems and leaves of herbs can be dissolved in the extraction agent, so as to achieve the extraction of active ingredients. Extract. The traditional plant extraction process has the problems of low extraction efficiency and incomplete extraction.
In addition, in the process of plant extraction, the solvents for plant extraction process will be selected according to the nature of plants, such as methanol, ethanol and other organic solvents, but the loss of organic solvents in the extraction process is large. In the traditional extraction and separation process, especially after slag separation, there are still a lot of solvents. A lot of odor is produced by volatilization during field operation, which is harmful to operators. However, modern extraction technology can almost solve these problems, with almost no impurities.