Emodin Polygonum cuspidatum extract 90% Emodin

Emodin90% Polygonum cuspidatum extract

Polygonum cuspidatum extract Emodin 90%


1. English NameEmodin

2. Herb Sourse: Polygonum cuspidatum 
3. CAS #: 518-82-1  

4. Testing Method: HPLC

5. Appearance: yellow to brown  powder

6. Molecular Formula: C15H10O5

7. Molecular Mass: 270.23 g/mol

8. Certificate: GMP, ISO, FDA

9. Package: 1kg/bag & 25kg/drum&customization

10. Storage: Store in cool and dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.


1. Food additive;
2. Applied in pharmaceutical field  as medicine supplement or OTCS ingredients. Treat cancer and cardio-cerebrovascular disease.

3. Applied in comestics to delay aging and prevent UV radiation.