Plant Extract

  • Luteolin


    luteolin is slightly soluble in water, weakly acidic, soluble in alkaline solution, stable under normal conditions.
  • Genistein


    Quality standard: National Standard
  • Epimedium extract

    Epimedium extract

    [Product name] Epimedium [shelf life] 24 month [common name]Epimedium Extract [plant synonym] Epimedium [active ingredient] Icariin
  • Apigenin


    Apigenin has diuretic, blood pressure regulating, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and other functions
  • Cytisine


    We specialize in the manufacture of Natural Cytisine Extract. To be productive, we maintain an attitude of excellence.
  • Gentiopicroside


    gentiopicroside is a kind of white crystal powder, which is easy to dissolve in methanol and almost insoluble in ether.
  • Indirubin


    This product is an effective component of anti leukemia, which is isolated from the dried leaves of Isatis indigotica Fort, a cruciferous plant. It is a pair of indole anti-tumor drugs.
  • Rhizoma Drynariae Extract

    Rhizoma Drynariae Extract

    chemical properties of Rhizoma Drynaria fortunei (Kunze) The main active substance is naringin, In addition, it contains a variety of chemical substances, such as methyl eugenol, protocatechuic acid, new beimeishengcao glucoside, osteoclast dihydroflavonoid glucoside, cycloxylosterol acetate,
  • Rutin


    helping to tighten and strengthen skin capillaries, and as such it could help prevent a couperose condition. It also demonstrates anti-oxidant properties. it has anti-inflammatory effects,it can keep the vascular resistance,reduce its permeability,reduce the brittlement,dispelling lipids from the fa
  • Salicin


    salicin is a pure natural active substance extracted from the branches or bark of Salix babylonica L. through modern extraction process.
  • Senna Leaf Extract

    Senna Leaf Extract

    Senna is a natural herb whose leaves come from the Cassia senna plant. Senna leaves are often sold as part of detox teas because they have a powerful laxative effect and can help relieve constipation, which affects 16 to 33 percent of adults. Although the FDA has approved senna as a short-term......
  • Sophoricoside


    Sophora japonica is bitter in taste and cold in nature. Return to liver and large intestine. It has the functions of clearing away heat, purging fire, cooling blood and hemostasis. It is used for bowel heat, blood in stool, hemorrhoids, bleeding, liver heat, headache and dizziness. Sophoricoside ...
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