Company history

        Shaanxi Green Bio-Engineering Co;Ltd is founded on April 26, 2010, it is a company with 10 years of herbal extract experience.
        At the beigining of founing on April 26th 2010, the company legal person is Peng tao, Shareholder is Jiang qinli, Zhang zhuqing. They were partnerships for two years.
        As for the the management ideas, The company legal person have changed to be Zhang zhuqing, Shareholder were Wen zhou and Chen tian.
        Therefore, On the basis of domestic trade, the foreign trade business has been carried out, and Alibaba International Station business was opened
         The Foreign trade direct train has opened in 2013, at the same time, we began took part in CPHI in Shanghai.
         Due to the needs of business development, we began to produce our main products, such as luteolin, curcumin and genistein, we were transformed from trade to self-production.
        Took part in CPHI in Shanghai.
        In 2015, the main products were increased to 6 varieties of luteolin, curcumin, genistein, kaempferol,sophoricoside and ferulic acid. The processing place was changed to fixed processing place and fixed equipment. The reactor were 6, two plates and frames, two ovens and three grinders were fixed for our own use.
        Took part in CPHI in Shanghai
        On the basis of the expansion of domestic and foreign trade business in 2016, we have formed our stable product and service system, and have reached long-term stable cooperation with customers. Here we have customized gentiopicrin 10%, 98%, Centella asiatica extract 90%, tetrandrine, tetrandrine to customers.
        Took part in CPHI in Shanghai
        In 2017, with the trust and stable support of customers, we established our own workshop, laboratory and testing room for independent production. Since then, we have made a great improvement in the aspects of ash content, moisture, purity, microorganism, packaging and delivery time, at the same time, the quality control of our products has reached a new level,.
        In 2018, we participated in the American West Pharmaceutical Exhibition in Las Vegas. At that time, we arrived to Angeles and drove to Las Vegas. Along the way, we saw the beautiful scenery and felt the native cultural of the United States, which made us feel that the American people are so friendly and warm. At the fair, we met the customers of luteolin quality problems, and has a deep conversation, the customer said they had bought a lot of this product samples, but the test reasult could not reach 98%, the sales staff feedback soon returned to the company, our lab staff had conducted the quality approval, then we send the sample to confirm quality to customers quickly, the customer fedback the information to us after their testing, the quality was confirmed, we were very excited of this big harvest. Then,we changed the luteolin testing standard to SIGAM standard, and unified standard with our partners.
        On the same year, we participated the exhibition the Vitfoods Europe in Geneva, we produced the fruit freeze-dried powder, kiwi fruit freeze-dried powder, pitaya freeze-dried powder, applefreeze-dried powder, jujubefreeze-dried powder, this series of product needs organic certificate, but the real organic products are very few in China, we had stopped the freeze-dried products of this projectat the end of 2018.
        We Open the Gold supplier on alibaba.
        For the company in 2019 was a year off, on the basis of original products, we paid more attention to products, put the less product variety, expand the number of the products, Product quality was divided into more detailed categories, such as medical grade, food grade, and veterinary drug grade, so that the cost of the product was lowered, and the full use of a raw material was done as much as possible to reduce the pollution of fixed raw materials.Exhaust gas absorption has been added to the equipment of the factory.
        At the beginning of 2020, under the influence of the epidemic, all plans of the exhibition could be cancelled, pending. The company’s internal adjustments, the expansion and improvement of factory workshops, we had cooperated with customers on the project of Indirubin, which was a large green leaf extract. The project was audited by a third-party company of foreign customers in China, and the audit work has been completed. The project is now in progress to the next step.
        The standard of luteolin is confirmed to be 90% and 98% tested by Sigma standard products. Reconfirmation of the export quality of curcumin. Our company has tripled its performance on the basis of its original business, which is inseparable from the support of our partners.
        In 2021, our plan is more refinement, in terms of the number of the original varieties more perfect on quality, research and development of new varieties of development, custom products. We work harder, more cooperater, The epidemic could stop our passion and belief of our products quality,it also could not stop the trust from our customer.
        The proceing plan of 2021,please see as following document.
        Thanks to our partners for the trust . If you have any comments, suggestions, or good ideas, welcome to leave a message to Shaanxi Shaanxi Green Bio- Engineering Co., Ltd. Email :lilyzhang@sxgreenfine.com , 2851319950@qq.com

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