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Top Level Pure and Natural Green Plum Juice Powder
Sep 14, 2016


Basic Info.

Model NO.:CJC-16
Type:Fruit and Vegetable Juice
Packaging Material:Paper Packaging
Main Ingredient:Fruit/Fruit Juice
Characteristics:Instant & Pure
Source:Fresh Greengage
Our Advantage:100% Pure and Natural
Origin:Xi′an Shaanxi

Product Description

    Product Name: Green plum Juice Powder
ALso Name: Greengage juice powder
Origin: Vatica mangachapoi
Dried Method: Spray dried
Particle Size: 60-80mesh
Appearance: Deep Grayish Green Fine Powder

Usages: Healthy products and beverages.

Plum Powder can be used for drinks, health care products, baby food, puffed food, baking food, ice-cream, oatmeal and all kinds of milk tea. Plum juice powder also can help digestion and increase appetite.

Plum Powder is made from Fresh good Plum Juice through centrifugal spray dried tech.

Plum Powder contain anthocyanin, this plant chemical can help the body effectively discharge fat and poison. Drinking a glass of plum juice, your body cleaning process is greatly accelerated. It is also used to lose weight and prevent cancer and protect liver function.

Our Advantages:
Regarding the Spray Dried Fruit & Veg powder, we adopt he most advanced SD technology, process fresh fruit and vegetable into natural fruit & veg powder. Our fruit/vegetable powder are at good flow ability, strong solubility, easy to use and store.

1, Pharmaceutical raw materials
2, Food and Drink for health care

Microbiological Data:

TPC(cfu/g) < 3000

Mould(cfu/g) <1000

Yeast( cfu/g) <1000

Coliforms < 3MPN/g

Physical & Chemical Data:

Total sugar: &#8804; 60%

Solubility: &#8805; 99%

Moisture: < 5%

Pb: < 1ppm

As: <0.5ppm