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The Real Participation Of Chinese Medicine In The Prevention And Cure Of AIDS Is In 2004.
Jun 24, 2015

Beijing Business Daily reporter interviewed the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine and AIDS Research Center, Wang Jian, executive deputy director of the center for AIDS research. He said that since 2004, the Chinese medicine treatment of AIDS pilot projects for nearly ten years, made good results, Chinese medicine has become a useful complement to AIDS prevention and control system. But it is worth mentioning that the drug development and drug research and drug development of AIDS drugs, ten years only approved the Tang grass tablets, a far can not meet the clinical needs.

Chinese medicine has become a useful complement to AIDS prevention and control system

"The real participation of Chinese medicine in the prevention and cure of AIDS is in 2004." Wang Jian introduced in 2004, the Ministry of health, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine jointly launched the pilot project of Chinese medicine to treat AIDS, coverage from the original 5 provinces expanded to 19 provinces, as of the end of September this year, accumulated treatment in patients with 23778.

"The pilot program has been implemented for nearly ten years, and achieved good results. I think this pilot two words should be removed, the project should be further deepened, can be implemented in the country." Not long ago, Wang Jian to the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine advice. The practice has proved that the standard Chinese medicine treatment to AIDS has the exact curative effect. It can significantly improve the clinical symptoms of AIDS, recovery and increase weight, improve and stabilize the immune function of HIV. After treatment, 60% of the patients with CD4+T lymphocyte count in a stable and ascending state, to reduce the side effect of antiviral drugs, improve the compliance of antiviral treatment. "The participation of Chinese medicine can not accept or unwilling to open up new treatment for patients with antiviral therapy, has become a useful complement to the AIDS prevention and cure system.." He said.

Chinese medicine for ten years only for the approval of the "Tang grass tablets" one

In recent years, the Chinese medicine to prevent and treat AIDS has been significantly improved, the number of treatment has increased year by year, but there are few drugs in the development of AIDS medicine and drug development, hinder the development of. "Ten years to grant" Tang grass tablets "one, no industry ten years to approve a drug." Wang Jian expressed concern.

Wang Jian said that in recent years, about more than 20 pharmaceutical companies involving AIDS drugs in research and development, has invested a lot of money, and most of them failed. Reason is in many aspects, such as the lack of funds of enterprises, standard clinical trials, drug inaccurate orientation of, but in the assessment phase of the drug, the relevant departments in the understanding of the concerns exist, too cautious, that AIDS is the world refractory disease, western medicine can not cure, Chinese traditional medicine can also useful?

In fact, the new drug is not just a disease antiviral drugs, symptomatic treatment of the same need for medicine, Chinese medicine in this unique advantage. The U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at the end of 2012 approved the first treatment of AIDS diarrhea medicine, it is a source to plant drugs in Peru, through 374 cases of clinical trials to prove the safety and efficacy of, the results show, the treatment group with 17.6% efficiency, the placebo group 8%.

Proposed introduction of new AIDS medicine guiding principle of new drugs "

It is understood, the State Food and Drug Administration in 2003 released AIDS treatment "traditional Chinese medicine new drug evaluation problem of special consultation will minutes show that AIDS drugs for anti HIV drugs; AIDS drug assistance (synergistic and attenuated, improve immunity, improvement of symptoms, etc.).

Wang believes that the most drug research and development (R & D) are located in the category of "adjuvant", as long as strict clinical and clinical trials of new drugs, clear positioning, to ensure safe and effective, it should be approved. "Drug trial centers should and enterprises cooperate closely, good service, guidance and help pharmaceutical companies for new drugs research, rather than act as a" police "role."

Nearly three years approved the listing of hepatitis, cancer, diabetes, a total of 32 kinds of Chinese medicine, these diseases is also difficult to cure, it can not be completely cured. "This is not because of a particular disease of AIDS", afraid of responsibility, take evasive and group practices." Wang Jian proposed the introduction of new AIDS medicine guiding principle for the enterprise and the relevant R & D institutions to provide guidance and reference, accelerate the progress of the new drug review of AIDS medicine.