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State Food And Drug Administration
Jun 24, 2015

State Food and Drug Administration recently issued the "on the strengthening of the traditional Chinese medicine extract and the extract of the supervision and management of the notice" to seek the views of the release (hereinafter referred to as "to seek the views of the draft") this strict standard.

"The draft" said that since January 1, 2016, who do not have the ability for the extraction of Chinese traditional medicine of proprietary Chinese medicine production enterprises, shall stop production of varieties, has been approved by the commission processing should be repealed. Have been obtained drug approval document number of extracts from traditional Chinese medicine, after the expiry of the valid period of the approval number, the provincial food and drug administration shall not be re registered. To download and have separate national drug standards for Chinese medicine extract, the implementation of the record management. Since January 1, 2015, the extract of the Chinese medicine not required for the record shall not be used for the production of proprietary Chinese medicines.

The personage inside course of study points out, extracts of traditional Chinese medicine is the mainstream of Chinese exports, currently ongoing 2015 edition of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" in the revision of the relevant departments, after 27 new Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010 edition, Pharmacopoeia 2015 edition plan new 60 kinds of extracts of varieties of traditional Chinese medicines. Plant extracts as the most likely to achieve the internationalization of the sub industry in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, the new deal will drive the quality of the product, accelerate the internationalization of Chinese medicine process.