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Shaanxi Green Biology 2016 Shanghai CPHI Raw Material Show Perfect Ending
Jun 28, 2016

Three days of the sixteenth world pharmaceutical raw materials China Exhibition (CPhI 2016) in Shanghai New International Expo Center today (June 23rd). This exhibition is larger than previous years, attracted more exhibitors and visitors to come to the exhibition. At the same time, the exhibition for our company to receive customers, business negotiations, expand domestic and foreign business provides a broad platform for the development of our company has laid a good foundation.

The spirit of the three days of the exhibition, our plant provided enterprises mutual cooperation and exchange to the very important role, then there are more exhibitors, suppliers, enterprises and institutions, such as mutual continuation exhibition resource sharing, to jointly explore the exchange, further promoting cooperation, enhance learning, continuous improvement, let us China planting technology has reached world leading level, let China plant provided career more prosperous and healthy development. During the exhibition received four copies of payment orders, please pay attention to the content.

One year of the CPhI world class exhibition, this year has been successfully pulled down the curtain, so that we will see you next year!

For more details, please continue to pay attention to the Shaanxi green clean public platform, more content is about to share......