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Digestive Enzyme Powder Plus
Jul 06, 2016

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Certification:GMP, ISO, HACCPAge Group:Adults
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1. Dyspepsia and Flatulence
Under normal condition, the stomach should have constant peristalsis to grind the food intake from the oesopgagus. With abnormal peristalsis, digestion and absorption will be interfered, cause accumulation of excess gas, resulting stomach gas.
  When stomach is full of gas, the intake food cannot be grinded immediately to be ready to transported to intestine, instead, the food remained in the stomach, fermentation will occur overtime, cause an unpleasant stale smell, symptom such as flatulence will also occur at the same time.
  In Taiwan, for gastrointestinal disorder, numerous patients are suffered from Gastric Ulcer and Duodenal Ulcer, with the recurrence rate of 80% and over. This used to be troublesome disorder, but in recent years, the relationships between Gastric Ulcer, Duodenal Ulcer, and Helicobacter pylori are clearer; the epidemic of Helicobacter pylori is possibly related to the bad eating habits. Parents and elderly should prevent feed the infants mouth to mouth, using sharing chopsticks to reduce the chances of infection, relatively reduces the chance of suffer from Gastric Ulcer and Duodenal Ulcer.
  The modern busy lifestyle and high work pressure is now the new cause of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorder and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Patients suffered from Functional Gastrointestinal Disorder and Irritable Bowel Syndrome are mentally tensed, this can cause stomach and intestine convulsion, patients with symptoms like stomach ache, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation are advised to live in a slower pace, relax, and have appropriate holidays.
  To chew carefully and slowly in daily meals to lighten the load of stomach and intestine, and to prevent potential discomfort. Furthermore, excessive drinking, obesity, excess lipid intake can cause a fatty liver; excessive cholesterol intake and obesity are the risk factor of gallstone, all should be avoided. Quit drinking, regular exercise, eat less greasy food to maintain an ideal weight, are beneficial to the stomach, intestine, liver, gall and pancreas.
 1. High work pressure
 2. Irregular meal, exercise or work immediately after eating.
 3. Excessive alcohol and/or spicy food, often eating hard to digest food etc.
 4. Excessive use of pain killers (e.g. aspirin), mental stress, high pressure, habitually drinking and smoking.
 5. Hyperacidity and lack of mucosa to protect the stomach would cause gastric ulcer.
Reasons of Flatulence:
1. Hyperacidity caused flatulence and hiccups
2. People with high mental stress; stress caused by living environment, resulting accumulation in intestinal gas and flatulence.
3. Bad eating habit.
4. Eating excessive gas inducing food.
5. Lack of certain digestive enzyme in intestinal system, lead to dyspepsia.
6. Constipation or stuffy nose.
7. Inappropriate feeding methods to infants.
8. Excessive crying for infants.
9. Swallow excessive air: rapid eating or sucking.
10. Milk or other food intake, especially starch, for example flour and rice, can produce a large amount of gas through intestinal digestion and fermentation.
2. Digestive Enzyme Complex
  Enzyme is an important component for human biochemical metabolism and physiological function maintenance, composed of protein, involved with body activities, used energy intake to construct new muscle tissue, neural cell, bone, or gland tissues. Its decomposition, synthesis, absorption, and excretion all take place in vivo. As age increases, the secretion of enzyme decreases, resulting diseases like dyspepsia, constipation, vascular disorder, hemorrhagic tumor, flatulence and gout. When the amount of enzyme deceases gradually in elderly, food cannot completely digest, it will then ferment in the digestive tract, produces toxin.
  Digestive Enzyme Complex decomposes food into small molecules which can be absorbed by human intestinal tract; provide nutrients to human cells in order to maintain organ functions. Its long lasting, acid and base proof characteristics help digestion and absorption, promote appetite and metabolism, changed the ecology of bacterial flora and freedom from constipation. The Digestive Enzyme Complex can mixed with the food intake to promote better digestion and improve flatulence, it also cooperate with the digestive enzyme produced by the human body, allow maximum nutrient absorption, regulate the physique and beauty maintenance.
Functions of Digestive Enzyme Complex
1. Life maintenance, assist all body function.
2. Decomposition: food digestion, tissue repair.
3. Detox: to decompose the toxic hydrogen peroxide.
4. Internal body health: expel the unwanted material from blood out of the bod, allow smooth blood flow.
5. Allow iron to concentrate in blood, to assist blood clot.
6. Promote oxidation, protect blood, and create energy.
7. Treatment or prevention of chronic and degenerative diseases.
8. Promote cell regeneration.
9. Anti-inflammation and antiseptic: promote white blood cell function, rapid repair for the wounded area.
10. Anti-tumor and anti-cancer: use with appropriate drug and nutrient as catalyst.
11. Reduce the symptoms on the digestive tract: gastrointestinal- flatulence, gastroesophageal reflux disease, pyrosis, constipation and diarrhea.