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Jun 03, 2015

From April 24 2014, Chinese medicine andhealth products import and Export Chamber of Commerce in Beijing held a"CPhI&P-MEC China Exhibition anniversary celebration activities startceremony was informed that, in 2015, the health insurance association willcontinue to launch plant extracts with international business standards,standards to expand the coverage and carry out extract production of relevantinternational certification, promote the improvement of the internationalcompetitiveness of China's plant extracts industry.

The health insurance association intends tostandards including: Epimedium extract, extract of Radix Paeoniae Alba, greencoffee bean extract, Ganoderma lucidum extract, Pueraria extract etc.. TheEpimedium extract and green bean extract and American Coffee Pharmacopoeiatogether, after the completion of the direct recognition standard. In addition,the Medicare chamber of commerce also intends to cooperate with the NationalHealth Foundation (NSF) to carry out the production process of the extractrelated international certification (GEP certification) and recommended work.

Plant extracts have been the export ofChinese medicine products, since the medical insurance chamber of Commerce in2013 released the first international commercial standards of plant extracts,filling the domestic extract standard blank.