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Bio-Pesticide 150billion Pib/G Spodoptera Litura Nucleopolyhedrovirus Raw Powder/Spltnpv
Dec 07, 2016

Appearance:PowderSource:Naturally Occuring Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus
Mode:Stomach Agent1.:Brand Keyun
2.:Bio-Pesticide3.:Pests Won′t Develop Insecticide Resistance
4.:Effective in Persistent Control Management5.:Highly Specific, No Harm to Non-Targeted Organism
6.:Highest Concentration of Pib7.:for Organic Fruits and Vegetables
HS Code:3808919000

SpltNPV is highly specific against Spodoptera litura.

1. Raw Powder
500bPIB/g, Helicoverpa armigera NPV
200bPIB/g, Spodoptera exigua NPV
150bPIB/g, Spodoptera litura NPV

2. WG Formulation
60bPIB/g, Helicoverpa armigera NPV WG, 30g/ha
30bPIB/g, Spodoptera exigua NPV WG, 30g/ha
20bPIB/g, Spodoptera litura NPV WG, 45g/ha

3. SC Formulation
5bPIB/ml, Helicoverpa armigera NPV SC, 300ml/ha
3bPIB/ml, Spodoptera exigua NPV SC, 300ml/ha
30bOB/ml, Plutella Xylostella GV SC, 300ml/ha

Company profile:
1. A high-tech company that is devoted to R&D, manufacture and marketing of a wide range of biocontrol technologies of Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is the second-largest shareholder.
2. Tight Collaboration with Institute of Zoology, Chengdu Institute of Biology and Northeast Institute of Geography, all of which are affiliated to Chinese Academy of Sciences.
3. A leading Manufacturer and Marketer of Biological Crop Control Product in China
4. Provide Solutions for Integrated Pest Management Systems.
5. Partnered with Biological Control Companies in USA, European and Southeast Asian Countries to Provide Technologies and Products for Integrated Solutions.