Best Kava Extract Powder For Sleep

Best Kava Extract Powder For Sleep

Specification: Kavalactone 30% ,50% ,70%
Color: Yellow powder
Test method: HPLC
Certificate: Halal & Kosher
Shelf Life: 2 years


Best Kava Extract Powder for Sleep

Product Description 


1. Name: Best Kava Extract Powder for Sleep

2. Appearance: Yellow powder

3. Specs.: Kavalactone 30% ,50% ,70%

4. Test method: HPLC

5. Extract Method: Water/Enthanol

6. Place of origin:Shaanxi,China(Mainland)

What is Kava Extract? 


Kava or kava kava is a root found on South Pacific islands. Islanders have used kava as medicine and in ceremonies for centuries.

Kava has a calming effect, producing brain wave changes similar to changes that occur with calming medicines. Kava also can prevent convulsions and relax muscles.

Production flow chart 


Main function

(1) Kava extract kavalactones powder can be used to reduce tension and stress; 

(2) Kava extract kavalactones powder with the function of eliminating fatigue and relieving insomnia;

(3) Kava extract kavalactones powder has effect on muscle relaxation.


(1) Kava extract has the function of anticancer, kelp extract appears to kill prostate cancer cells in culture

(2) Kava extract can be used for weight loss, kelp extract can promote weight loss by reducing the accumulation of fat and other health foods

(3) Kava extract is an ideal dietary supplement. Kelp extract can be used as food coloring agents

(4) Kava extract has strong anti-diabetes effects

(5) Kava extarct is useful for anti-oxidation


(1) 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum, double layers plastic bags inside. In fiber-drums with two-plastic bags inside. 

(2) Net Weight: 25kgs/Drum ;Gross Weight: 28kgs/Drum

(3) Drum Size & Volume: 510cmX350cm, 0.08 m³/ Drum



(1) DHL Express, FEDEX and EMS for quantity less than 50KG;

(2) Sea shipping for quantity over 500KG; and air shipping is available for 50KG above;

(3) For high value products, please select air shipping and DHL express for safe;


About us

Shaanxi Green Bio-Engineering  Co.,Ltd., located in Xi’an City of Shaanxi province is a modernized enterprise committed to R&D ,production and sales of natural extracts, intermediates. At the same time, it possesses private advanced production Facilities and a R&D center with state - of - art equirements which allows us to provide our customers with unique and highest quality ingredients including herbal Extracts, mushroom extracts, Fruit & Vegetable powder and natural additive etc. We also provide formulation, capsule & tablet OEM service for customers as an one -top total service.

Continually adding the newest, most exclusive ingredients to our product list, we keep our customers one step ahead of the competition. Welcome to cooperate with us.

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Our advantage

(1) Kosher and Halal certified; operate under GMP Standards;

(2) Over 20 years’ experience in producing plant extracts; large production capacity;

(3) More than 50 kinds of extracts total stock several tons goods in warehouse;

(4) 100% natural, without any synthetic ingredient; top quality with competitive price;

(5) Prompt response and great service;


Linda Zhou

Shaanxi Green Bio-Engineering Co.,Ltd


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If you are looking for low price and high quality GMP, KOSHER and ISO certified best kava extract powder for sleep, or you want to buy 100% pure natural, hat sale and organic factory supply best kava extract powder for sleep from a famous China factory, please feel free to contact us.

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