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Top Level Pure Goji Berry Juice Powder
Aug 16, 2016


Basic Info.

Model NO.:CJC-005
Type:Fruit and Vegetable Juice
Packaging Material:Paper Packaging
Main Ingredient:Fruit/Fruit Juice
Source:Fresh Goji Berry
Our Advantage:100% Pure
Origin:Xi′an Shaanxi

Product Description

    [Product ] Goji Juice Powder
[Latin Name] Lycium barbarum L
[Source] fresh goji berry juice
[Origin] China
[Drying Method] Centrifugal Spray Drying
[Package] 5kg/Alu Foil Bag, 10kg/Carton; 25KG/Drum
[Applications] Healthy Food, Nuitrient food, bakery products, beverages
[Storage] Stored at cool, and dry places under 25 degree centigrade (relative humidity <60%)
[Appearance] Uniform orange yellow or pale yellow fine powder, with its characterstic trait & taste

[Shelf Life] 18 Months
[Solubility] &#8805;90%
[Main Ingredients] Lycium Bararum Polysaccharides, Fat, Protein, free amino acid, taurine,betaine
[Effects] anti-oxidants, good for improving liver & eye sights, anti-fatigue, to improve stomach
Moisture  <=8%
Ash  <=6%
Protein  >=8%
Polysaccharides  >=3%
Total sugar (glucose)  >=20%
Solubility  >=95%
Lead(Pb)  <2ppm
Arsenic  <1ppm
Cu  <10ppm
Total Plate Count  <=3000cfu/g
 Coli group  <=25MPN/100g
Yeast &Mould  <=25cfu/g