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Raw Materials and Aditives for Coating, Plastics
Jun 08, 2016

        Resin Materials & Curing Agent:
Pentaerythritol, DIPENTA, TGIC; PVA, EVA
Epoxy Resin & Various hardners;
Aldehyde resin, Polyketone Resin;
Solid Acrylic resin (equivalent to Eliochem serials)

Functional Monomers:
Dimer Acid
IBOMA (CAS NO. 7534-94-3)
IBOA (CAS NO. 5888-35-5)

Coating Additives:
Leveling Agents, Dispersants, Defoamers, Surfactants, Fire Retardants, Coating Dryer

Miscellaneous functional chemicals:
Fluorescent Brightener: OB, OB-1, KSN, PF, KCB;
Titanate Coupling Agent; Silance Coupling Agent
Pearlescent Pigments, Aluminum Paste.

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