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Pure Natural Fruit Juice Powder
Sep 08, 2016

Natural Fruit Juice Powder

Fruit juice powder is a natural and clever way to introduce extra fruit into the diet, as well as being a natural, safe colouring and flavouring. The powder contains no artificial ingredients, flavourings or colourings, just pure fruit.

Fruit contain moderate amounts of vitamin B6vitamin Cmanganese and potassium

possibly contributing to electrolyte balance.Fruit powder is a powder made from the vacuum dryer 

processed fresh fruits

Fruit powder can be applied to many aspects.

1.It can be used as raw material to add in wine, fruit juice, bread, cake, cookies, candy and other foods;
2.It can be used as food additives, not only improve the color, fragrance and taste, but improve the nutritional value of food;
3.It can be used as raw material to reprocess, the specific products contain medicinal ingredients, through the biochemical pathway we can get desirable valuable byproducts.