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Orange Juice Powder
Sep 14, 2016

Orange Juice Powder


● Used for fruit juice drinks.

● Used for Health Medicine.

● Used for infant or baby food, much more safe and health.

● Used for puffed food, baking food and etc.

● Used to cook wheaten food.

● Used as condiment

● Used to production pangoods.



● Pharmaceutical raw materials and stuff;

● Beverage for hearlth care;

● Healthy food additive

Researchers from the United Kingdom found that even a modest increase in fruit and vegetables containing beta-cryptoxanthin and vitamin C, such as one glass of freshly squeezed orange juice each day, may protect against inflammatory joint diseases.

Orange juice is the liquid extract of the fruit of the orange tree, extracted by squeezing oranges.

Commercial orange juice with a long shelf life is made by drying and later re-hydrating the juice, or by concentrating the juice and later adding water to the concentrate. Prior to drying, the juice may also be pasteurized and oxygen removed from it, necessitating the later addition of a flavor pack, generally made from orange products. Orange juice is known for its health benefits, particularly its high concentration of vitamin C. It comes in several different varieties, including blood orange. In American English, the beverage name may be abbreviated as "OJ".

Due to the importance of oranges to the economy of the state of Florida, "the juice obtained from mature oranges of the species Citrus sinensis and hybrids thereof" was adopted as the official beverage of Florida in 1967.