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Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer
Jun 08, 2016

Basic Info

Production Capacity:10000ton/Month

EPDM rubber with better elasticity and slightly plasticity at ordinary temperatures, has high mechanical strength and less lagged loss characteristic. Great flex cracking resistance and excellent insulation performance because of low heat under the multiple deformations of non-polar rubber. Our rubber adopt advanced techniques of Du Pont, USA. It's fire-retardant products.
Application Scope
The products are widely applied to make automobile tyres, rubber footwear, hoses, tapes, insulating layer and sheath, damping materials and other general rubber products.
The customer's original formula except natural rubber proportion by the following adjustment other formula remain unchanged.
1. EPDM rubber can replace natural rubber about 10-20% to produce various types of car, motorcycle and bicycle.
2. Natural rubber can be replaced by EPDM rubber entirely to produce electrical wiring and cables, hoses, bridge rubber, sports shoe soles.
3. It can replace natural rubber about 20-40% to produce conveying belts.
4. It can replace natural rubber, butyl rubber about 20-30% to produce inner tube of car, motorcycle and bicycle.
5. Characteristic of products: Great tiller density, fine ductile, ageing resistance and flame-resisting.
6. The product is a white granulated, above several characteristics was better than others from market. The Southeast Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, including Chinese Mainland production of natural rubber and synthetic rubber is inflammables, our company supply the flame-resisting super EPDM rubber only.

Product Description