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Anti-cancer extract Genistein 98% powder
Jul 21, 2016

Herb Source: Root of Genista tinctoria Linn and Sophora subprostrata Chun et T. Chen.

Active ingredient: Genistein

CAS No.: 446-72-0

Appearance:  Greyish-white power, genistein belongs to the isoflavone class of flavonoids. 

Molecular Formula: C15H10O5

Molecular Weight:270.25

Melting point &Solubility:mp297~298 degrees, soluble in DMSO, ethanol and the usual organic solvents, in dil alkalies with yellow color. Practically insol in water. 

Assay method:HPLC


1. Genistein can bind to estrogen receptors, play a weak estrogen-like effects, increaes bone density, and prevent bone loss,to treat osteoporosis.

2. Genistein has certain anticancer effect,can kill various cancer cells without damaging the normal cells.

3. Genistein have anti-peroxidation activity, can increase the activity of low density lipoprotein receptor, reduce  cholesterol levels, accelerated cholesterol removal, to reduce plasma lipid and anti-thrombosis.

4. Genistein has therapeutic potential against liver fibrosis by regulating PDGF and TGFß1.


1. Anti-carcinogenic

2. anti-oxidant

3. anti-atherosclerosis