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100% Natural Papaya Powder/ Instant Papaya Juice Powder/ Spray Dried Papaya Powder
Dec 28, 2016

Basic Info

Type:Fruit and Vegetable JuicePacking:Plastic Packaging
Main Ingredient:Fruit/Fruit Juice
Basis: Hainan fresh green papaya
Papaya is rich in more than 17 kinds of nutritional ingredients, such as: amino acid, calcium and iron, etc. It also contains papain, chymosin, and carpaine. Papain can resolve fat into fatty acid, carpaine can digest protein, and chymosin can promote location.
Character of commodity: Selecting the fresh papaya in Hainan, the power was made through washing, extracting and the air drying process. The particle is symmetrical and soft, the color is yellow. The liquidity is excellent, and it can be dissolved in the normal temperature water rapidly.

Product Description

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